What are the Advantages of the microcontroller?

A microcontroller is a self-controlled system which is connected with peripherals, memory and a processor that can be used further as an embedded system. Most of the microcontroller that is using used today are embedded in the product of other consumer or machines that are phones, peripherals and automobiles and other application that are used in a computer system.
There are various types of the programmable microcontroller. Which usually consists of bits, flash, RAM, supply voltage, and speed? Their parametric filters allow you to search and the result will be according to your specialization. These microcontrollers consist of various input and output pins. The numbers of pins usually depend on the microcontroller.

Advantages of microcontroller
• Flexibility microcontroller- They are the very small type of processor chips they are very small in size and are very flexible because of their programmable nature.
• Faster speed- They are a fully integrated processor that is a computer on a chip, they usually operate at faster speed and execute an instruction that is compared to general purpose microprocessor.
• Inexpensive- They are integrated into a single chip they are very cheap to manufacture, they have very low specification than the low power consumer grade making them is easier to mass produce.
• Rigid- Once the microcontroller is programmed it can never be reprogrammed. They are only controlled by read only memory.
• Labor saving- There are many programs that can be performed by a microcontroller, labor efforts can be saved. The programmable natures of the device allow manufacturing.
They can be used in every small as well as big device; they are used in the phone, computers, as well as tv. They are known as the memory of the device, but they do not work on their known you have to instruct for them to work. They are most recommended as they are the best and none of the devices can work well without the use of a microcontroller.