Things you must know about know about HTML elements

HTML is known as the Hypertext Markup Language. This language is used to create a web page as well as web applications. It comprises of mainly tags, Html elements, and HTML attributes. This helps in designing of a web page in a semantic and organized manner. It is the HTML designing that is responsible for the look of a web page. The reason this language is used worldwide for the formation if web pages is that it is simple to use and understand. Also, this language is the most effective.

What is HTML element?
This language is made up of tags, attributes, and elements. The HTML element is the main component of a web page. They are also called the building blocks of HTML. The reason is that the main look of the page is decided here. It is the element that helps in creating images, interactive forms and other elements on the web page. These elements are denoted by tags. The tags are written in bracket. Most of the HTML tags have a starting as well as a closing tag.
The HTML document comprises of a tree of these elements. It is the HTML elements that specify the structure of the web page. It also specifies the type of content to be placed in an HTML document.

What is nested HTML element?
An element inside another element is known as a nested HTML element. It is very much possible to do so. The nested elements are used when the web page had to include intricate details and made more attractive. In most of the documents nested elements are used inside the body.
People must not get confused with the tags and elements. Tags are the short form that helps in the application of an element. There can be a starting or a closing tag. However, the HTML elements with no closing tags are known as empty HTML tags.