The beckoning world of new age watches:

Horologists or scientists/technicians have been at the task of watch-making ever since man invented time-keeping machines viz wristwatches, chain watches (kept inside pockets or pouches of fashionable gentry), table-pieces magnificent ‘grand-father’ clocks and wall clocks. While most of them belong to genuine watch manufacturing,- quite a few take to the creation of counterfeit watches using genuine components like dial, hands, casing and matching bands.

While modern technology has succeeded in forging a break-through on the operational side by introducing quartz pulsations in its mechanism, previous ‘lever and spring’ technology has been rendered outdated and somewhat stereotyped. Digital watches operated on battery power, is yet another updated version.

Rolex or similar costly versions acknowledged the world over has furthered the technique of meticulous time-keeping adding to it the mechanism of steady and uniform kinetics so far as the mechanical movement of internal parts is concerned. While conventional ticking stipulates, one spacing per second, the improvised criterion of the accuracy of hands movement is achieved by making eight movements per second in a handful of models.

Fluid movement of sweep hand has come to replace the conventional stuttered movement for a change. All these latest innovations have been sensibly incorporated in replica watches. Even designer Swiss brands like Rolex, Omega, Tissot, Fabre-Leuba etc have been successfully emulated using the unique ‘oyster quartz’ technology in the replica watch.

All in all, if you want to go for petty ego-satisfaction, you do have the liberty to side with the genuine or original products. But, then, mind your purse! If, on the other hand, you opt for the trendier and more variegated range featuring cool Swiss replica watches, you will have no occasion to rue your decision,- to say the least.

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