The Types of Payday Loans

Short-term loans of small amounts from a few hundred dollars to fifteen hundred dollars lent to workers and employees until their next payday are called payday loans. The type of payday loans varies, depending on the need and requirements of the customers. The rules regarding payday loans and other short-term loans also vary from state to state and from country to country. In states like Maryland, Georgia and Massachusetts the legislation has barred payday lending inside the boundaries of these states except for a few registered agencies like Guaranteed Payday loans. The restrictions also differ in the cases of fees limit and nominal annual percentage etc.

One of the most popular among the types of payday loans is Instant payday loans. In the case of Instant payday loans, your applications are addressed as soon as they are filed. These applications are generally approved quickly, and the money will be deposited into your checking account, as soon as they get approved. These loans are, mostly lent for time frames of around two weeks, after which the amount should be repaid with a certain amount of fee. And, the amount lent will also depend on the monthly income of the borrower.
A bad credit payday loan is the next popular type of payday loan. The main difference between these two types of payday loans, in spite of the fact that Payday loans no credit check offers both the types of payday loans is that in this case, the lending agency overlooks the credit rating of the applicant. The company only checks whether the applicant has a steady income.
One-hour loans, 24-hour loans, 30-day loans are some of the other popular types of payday loan. A one-day loan guarantees that the application will be processed in an hour after submission of the form, and the 30 day payday loan offer will sent the money within 24 hours of payday loans claim to send the money after the approval of the form in a day.
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