Users’ Security and Privacy Is a Concern in Facebook Lite

A baby of Facebook has born
It was good news for the fans of the Facebook in August 2009 when they came to know that Facebook Lite has been introduced by the Facebook company as its “lite” version that could offer them same benefits and charm of social networking they could get from the Facebook. The real charm was that being a lesser form of the parent app it could be conveniently operated by the users who were earlier deprived of the use of Facebook owing to lack of proper bandwidth offered by their internet service provider. The introduction of this worldwide app took the world by its fancy and gave boost to the lovers of social networking.

Charm of using this app
The baby Facebook lite app charmed most people the way that parent couldn’t do. The feature that this “lite” app offered resulted in its popularity among low-end users because of its easy download as well as easy access on Android phones. You can download Facebook Lite app with much less efforts. Data sharing on this app is much faster than its parent app and that too at lower data usage and low cost.
Security and privacy is a concern in this app
The frequent users of the Facebook have ever been concerned about security and privacy of their profile and data on the Facebook and were expecting a feature that could offer absolute protection to their identity and other data, but this new baby app couldn’t meet their expectations. However, by using a few privacy settings and privacy check-up on periodical basis, the users can ensure protection to some extent. However, it is still advisable for the user to avoid publishing important details on this app if they don’t want any trouble with the security issues. The exceptional use of this app is no useful than using it for social networking