Which are the different football betting options?

Football betting is popular amongst bettors as the reward is handsome and the game is exciting as well. If you wish to make some serious money betting, follows the football betting tips and guidelines. There are many reliable websites on football tips to place a winning wager. The following are some of the most betted on positions –

1. Over or under betting- in this type of bet, the person estimates the number of goal, whether the score will be over predicted number or under. For example, if you think the team will score 2 or 3 goals, you place a bet under 4. Similarly if you think your team will score over 2 you place an over bet. This is a safe bet and if you are acquainted with the players and the team betting for this position is worth it. Many experienced bettors apply statistics and gauge the direction of the game.
2. Anytime Scorer- In this one of the safest bets where you place wager on a player. The player can take a score or goal anytime during the match and is not time bound. In any team there are top players, top scorers, or players who are called during penalties. Choose the player who is in form and is more likely to score at any point during the match.
3. Half Time and Full Time (HT/FT) betting option- half time and full time bet is also a highly valued position. The bettor has to predict which team might lead by half time and who will lead in the second half. You also have positions on which team will take the final lead and win the game. Many teams are good in defending, and some are good at taking goals. So you must study the strategy of the players and team to take the best position.
4 .Correct Score Betting option- here the bettor has to predict the correct score of the match which is not easy.
5 First Scorer- in this type of risky betting option, you bet on who amongst the 22 players will take the first goal,
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Testmax Tips – Review

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