The configuration of the nerves in health and numbness in the hands (dormencianas mãos)

The nervous system of the body is a complexity of network that runs across the entire body. And it cuts across all parts. This system is best pictured as the wiring system of the body. This is true, or almost true. Really, the nervous system works by passing electric current through the different parts of the body.

You can fold your arm or stretch the hand and grasp something. You can even lift our hand above your head to catch a ball. This is because of the perfect coordination of the wiring system of your body. If the system is not well organized in function, you will begin to have problems. Then, you’d start to observe some tingling in the hands (formigamentonas mãos).
There are certain ways in which the body protects the nerves. This is called gliding. As you change your posture and positions, your nerves also stretches. The same thing happens when your stretch, reach, bend, walk or run. There are some of the actions of the body that really stretches the nerves. And that is why the nerves will glide as a way of compensating for those kinds of movement.
In a way, that protects against overstretching of the wires of the body. And the nerves won’t get damaged. But, there are some pathological situations that will not allow for the gliding, or will rather make it impossible for the nerves to glide. Then the numbness in the hands (dormencianas mãos) results.
The various problems of the nervous system are not easily diagnosed. It is unlike the diagnosis of conditions with other systems of the body, where the deformity will be obvious. There are usually no external changes that will be observed in the diseases of the nerves. Although there will be alterations in the functions of the part of the body affected. Or better still; the organs that are closely related with the nerves will suffer the neuropathy (neuropatia).