Meditation Techniques – Better Sleep

Meditation is a type of practice in which a person feels more relax, calm, patience, energetic. Many of people find boringness while practicing meditation but there are many techniques to practice bedtime meditation.
You can practice these techniques when you feel comfortable but experts recommend best time for meditation is morning because in morning less noise is there and you will more focus on meditation and less disturbance is around you. Here in this article you will know about different falling asleep meditation technique.

Technique for sleeping relexation
There are many techniques to for Guided meditation so let’s check them one by one.
Deep breathing: Deep breathing is the first technique for meditation in this person take deep breaths and your breathing go through abdominal after taking few abdominal breaths you feel more calm, happy. You can do this practice in morning or that time going to bed.
Guided imagery meditation: In guided imagery meditation a person imagines smooth and very positive scene or imagine a very happy life so that imagination helps in to keep happy, more positive etc. You can imagine anything there is no boundation in imagination until you feel good.
Mindful meditation: Mindful meditation is a type of meditation in this you need to focus only on one point or object. Regular 15 minutes a day make your whole day very productive.
Count down: In count down a person take a deep breath and hold it after that your breath out, and everything unwind. Rehash maybe a couple times. You may have go through envisioning yourself strolling down a delicate slope while tallying down from 20, each number implying your development to a lower step, breathing out with every nonexistent advance.
So these are some technique for bed time meditation which help on make you more calm and relaxed.