Stretch Wrap Or Shrink Wrap

The vast majority of our clients who dictate stretch wrap call it shrink wrap and all these are individuals who use the product every day. What’s there for people that aren’t regular users of those products? And for that matter, who cares?

Well in case you want one or another, you need to care and pretty much every commercial, commercial or supply provider use these goods. The final thing you need is to purchase something which will not work for your program, particularly in such time sensitive days. These are two quite different products used for quite different applications.

Let us clear up the confusion. stretch wrap film is made of polyolefin plastic, whilst stretch wrap is made of polyethylene plastic. Shrink wrap is usually used to guard one item, like the plastic over toys in the toy shop or CD’s if you first purchase them. Shrink wrap has its tight seal by way of a heating procedure. The item is wrapped and warmed using a hairdryer-like instrument or place through a heat tunnel. Shrink wrap is also used for bundling products together, like bottles of pop. Sometimes, shrink wrap can be used for palletizing although it’s much less common that stretch wrap with this particular application.

stretch wrap is usually used to maintain boxes on a pallet for transportation. Stretch wrap is pulled round the load and then stretched. The vinyl has a memory and would like to go back to its initial size. This “elastic ring effect” retains the load tight.

Ordinarily stretch wrap comes in 12″, 15″ and 18″ sizes for hand wrapping and 20″-60″ sizes for machine software. Shrink wrap is offered in many even variety sizes between 4-20″ and is normally “center-folded”, that’s the film is folded over itself to form two layers. The item is inserted between the two layers and then sealed over the remaining three sides, then shrunk by warmth.