Sash windows are frame which holds glazing bars

sash window are generally made up of movable panes. To hold the panes of glass, this is generally separated by glazing bars. The windows are called sash when they are technically known as a sash, which hasto glaze. The oldest sash installed during 1670 in England. Whether authentic or not Robert Hooke is said to have invented this kind of windows. More often in Victorian and Georgian houses, these kinds of windows can be seen.

Sash window and its description
• When the window is hung, it has two sashes. One is fixed portion the other is movable, the lower portion of the window.
• When the climate is warmer these kinds of sash windows, the windows are found, especially when the buildings are old.
• In the UK you will find sash windows with modern looks and traditional also, it’s very easy to use and authentic also. The modern insulation material is used in sash windows.

The material used for sashes
• Softwood is used to construct the sash, previously in the old days,high-quality wood is being used for making windows.
• Which last for generation after generation? Different type of glasses is used, cylindrical and crown. Plate or broad glass also, with simplex hinges helps to fit the windows. Box sash is the other name of windows.
• The windows of modern sash statelier and heavier. In the United States, the more usual window is double-hung.
• The benefit of these kinds of windows is they give a cooling effect in the interior in the building.As the sash windowsLondon are solid, it goes rotten; it also swells, as the wood is always not proper.
• As the wood shrinks, the wood of the window is damaged. If draught stripping is too installed and repair and paint can help to recover the glory.