Quality Control in the Manufacture of Custom 1911 Pistol

The place of quality control cannot be overemphasized in the manufacture of products. Manufactures outs in place quality assurance programs to ensure that the parts and assemblies of their product are made to conform to a standard. Asides the quality assurance techniques put in place, a Custom 1911 is one that has passed a quality control check and has been certified to conform to the standard. Issues like cracks, inconsistencies, and other faults are detected in a standard manufacturing process. Gun manufacturers have people who have the knowledge of metallurgy, which is of great help in the manufacture of a Custom 1911 Pistol.

Material science and technology has greatly contributed to the standard products we have in the market. The right knowledge of materials helps manufacturers in making right judgment on which material to use and the best method to cool or hammer materials so as not to alter their configuration. This knowledge has helped in the design of the 1911 handgun. More materials are still being explored to get excellent combinations that will be of extreme benefit in any condition and situation. Constant handling and exposure to moisture are factors that cause firearm material degradation. The combination of materials has helped reduce this problem as some firearm maintains their design and appearance despite use and handling because of the resistant characteristics have gotten from them by reason of material mix.

The joint of assemble and place of interlocking of parts is given attention for the effective functioning of a firearm. This is why manufacturers take their time to ensure that mating parts have excellent finish and are well polished so that there would not be overlapping of parts after assembly. Accurate 1911 take delight in making excellent finish and accuracy of assembled parts. In doing this, all parts of the firearm are in working relationship with each other without malfunctioning as a result of quick wear and friction.