How comedians achieve their aim

Though laughter might not take the thought and other things that life presents away, but laughter remains the medicine that helps ease different kinds of stress, whether work stress or family stress. Sometimes, it has been found to be a tool that some bosses use in their place of place to get their workers doing their work without distraction. In this world, there is no way funny moments can be taken away, in the sense that, the eradication of funny things can never be possible, because the judgment of what is funny is relative.

For example, when you think you are funny and trying to make other people laugh, it has been discovered that only few percentage flow with the laughter this is simply because it is relative. This issue is what comedians face and many of them have tried to overcome, by giving varying levels of stories that will make people laugh. Some people might laugh at story one, others at two, and the remaining might laugh at three. At the end of the day, the whole population of people will laugh, though at different times. The palmashow (le palmashow) have been seen to carry this same effect.

Instead of travelling round the world to experience funny moments, people have found a way of doing that online by visiting various websites, some of these websites were given to some individuals by some of their acquaintances to help them ease the stress of the day. By merely watching a funny clips at the end of the day, maybe sent by a friend on a social media platform will get one laughing. These videos are even done locally in various languages to help the people in that locality laugh well. An example is the palma show or palmashow that uses French as the main language of production.