Get to know more about screen printing and its advantages!

In this article, you will learn about the advantages and pros of screen printing. If you want to do screen printing, you need to learn certain aspects, and you should understand certain things, which might have an impact or effect of the kind of design that you are going to use. Go through the brief descriptions given below:

The process of printing

The screen: previously, this particular process was known as screen printing. Silk was previously used as the material used for making the screen. Back in China, it is a very popular method. However, the modern polymer is less expensive and is used widely in printing.

You need to be given a proper explanation of the process that will help you understand the limitations and drawbacks of the process. You will need a mesh, which will allow the ink to get squeezed through the mesh. If the mesh is of lower definition, then the design is not too fine, however, if you are using a fine mesh then it means that the image is thinner and more defined.

Advantages of screen printing

Here are the following benefits of screen printing.

• Highly useful for making custom garments. Methods such as digital printing cannot be used on a huge scale.

• The entire process is highly opaque. You can use any color of tee shirt while printing because screen printing has the ability of cover all colors beneath it.

• The process is not at all expensive. All the other methods are expensive and not so cost effective.

• During screen printing, the colors on the tee shirt stand out and are brighter than any other technique.
Cons of screen printing

You might think about the disadvantages of screen printing as well. One of them is that, if there is more than one color then the process might become a bit more expensive. San Jose screen printing is an excellent example.