External and internal disease and their removal

There are many external diseases, internal diseases, some common diseases are warts, foot corn, many external diseases are there, and a major internal disease is hemorrhoid.
Let us see some external diseases
External diseases are wart and foot print there are many more diseases, which are related to skin. Here we will talk about wart and foot corn.

• Foot corn – thicker skin on the foot and which can become painful, patient should concern doctor and then he should take medicines.
Treatment must be taken such as chemical treatment, trimming, surgery this are some of the treatment of foot corn.
• Warts – this is one of the major diseases of skin cancer it is caused by human papillomavirus(HPV) infection. For wart removal, there are many medicines such as wartison wart removal, herb Pharm Thuja, well inhand action these medicines can be found on stores and these medicines are now online but it must be taken under the guidance of the doctor. Warts can be removed but it takes plenty of years
How to get rid of warts-there are many ways to remove warts by boosting our immune system, by applying garlic, use of pineapple, applying aloe vera, Aspirin there are many more treatment for the removal of wart treatment.
• Hemorrhoid- when blood gets coagulated into the anus veins and causes the growth of the edge of the anus. it is caused by Prolonged sitting, pregnancy, drinking of alcohol, eating too spicy dishes this kind of problem can be maintained by proper diet, can cause it. Symptoms of this disease are bleeding, increased moistening, feeling of pressure on anus. Treatment of hemorrhoid is that diet must be proper, different kind of creams are available in the market

We should take precautions otherwise, this can be harmful for our life we should eat healthy food and we should have proper diet otherwise you can have a disease like foot corn, wart and hemorrhoid.