Destiny Singles: The key to rule the galaxy is now yours!

Join Han Solo and Lucas Skywalker in the Coruscant temple, and help them defeat Jabba the Hutt! Star Wars Destiny brings you a two-player, dice and card game where you can reenact your own saga! Gather your team and defeat the enemies, by rolling the dice and playing the cards! In every game, you can choose from your favourite character, whether you prefer Jedi or Sith. Crush your opponents in a tactical battle and earn the respect of the galaxy!

Star Wars Destiny: the epic saga in the pocket-sized fun!
• Play out your favourite “what if” scenarios from the original movies! Outmanoeuvre your competition to become champion and ruler!
• Choose various characters from different factions to make up your deck, and then charge to battle!
• Collect the rarest of Destiny Singles and become an esteemed collector! Trade, bargain and enhance your deck constantly!
• Complete unique objectives to win from the extended art card collection. Also, you can now buy booster packs before a game to boost your chances!
• Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! Lead your heroes (or villains) to glorious battle for universal supremacy!

Join the warriors in deep space for an epic battle!
Many can associate with the “growing up with Star Wars” experience. The timeless struggle between good and evil, the cunning and devious ministrations of the antagonist, and the selfless bravery of the heroes have won many hearts.

The ultimate thrill ride of suspense, science fiction, tactical warfare and film-noir style of cinematography, Star Wars is easily one of the biggest movie franchises ever created. And now the opportunity to relive the thrill is in your hands!

Although, if you are buying from online sources, be sure to check their credibility and authenticity. Owing to rising demand in collecting memorabilia, you can easily be duped if you are unprepared.

So fight the good fight along the Jedi, or finally grab that victory for the dark side grabs your Spirit of Rebellion booster pack now!