Boruto: New Naruto Anime Debuts

Now, the Naruto franchise formed a recovery soon after its 2nd anime stopped. Naruto Shippuden wrapped back in March, shutting an extended chapter in Masashi Kishimoto’s heritage. Nevertheless, Konoha couldn’t be held down for long. Naruto has just came back to the world of anime having a third show, boruto Next Generations. The newest anime follows another age of ninja as the kids of heroes like Sakura, Sasuke, and more start to understand what their ninja manners are. And, in the show’s premier episode, Boruto debuted a peculiar new ocular blood-line that’s fans scratching their heads.
Thus, spoilers below!
In the opening scene of boruto episodes, enthusiasts are proven Konoha after the modernized village was ruined. The Hokage Mountain continues to be all but obliterated, and an older variant of Boruto is proven battling against a ninja called Kawaki. The tattooed opposition tells Boruto the age of ninjas is completed and that he can ruin the hidden hamlet. However, Boruto believes in the calling and tells Kawaki he’ll battle for that opinion.
Fueled with fury, Boruto then ties a ninja headband on which appears such as the one Sasuke initially marred. Subsequently blond-haired hero then stands up, seals showing on his arm as his right eye transforms into something quite strange. His once-blue eye starts to burn white, as well as the bloodline presents seems like it is a combination involving the Byukugan as well as the Tenseigan.
Needless to say, the anime will definitely go on to show what the jutsu is in potential arcs, but devotees already have good motive to believe the bloodline is a questionnaire of the Tenseigan. The ocular jutsu was shown in the Boruto manga and performed an important part in Boruto: Naruto The Movie.